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SHARE Publishing utilizes global print on demand (POD) services of distributors and retailers to reach as many countries as we are able with paperback and hardcover books.  We are on multiple digital platforms for ebook distribution and retail sales, as well as library digital lending through Overdrive.

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Destiny Scroll Series

The Destiny Scroll Series by Sheri Scott is a non-fiction, inspirational journey into the Heavenly Realms with Jesus to understand destiny and the Kingdom of our Father.


Finding Your Destiny Scroll
Book 1 Answers many questions about accessing our destiny scroll in heaven.  It is full of nuggets, explanations, questions and experiences in heavenly realms.


Finding My Destiny Scroll

Book 2 Is a guidebook with step by step, progressive activations to begin engaging with Jesus and your scroll in heavenly realms. 


My Destiny Scroll: A Scribe's Record

Book 3 Is a blank lined Journal to record your journey, with inspirational scriptures, illustrations and artwork.


Judge My House: Destiny of a Bloodline

Book 4 Covers the basics of engaging in court in heaven to have our bloodline sin judged under the blood of Jesus. It covers the judgement of our Father and coming out from spiritual governments of the kingdoms of this world.

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The TRIA VIA Journals™

The TRIA VIA JournalsTM are stories of the adventures of three trip-happy girls named Mia, Lia & Sophia. The girls often begin swirling and enter another world called the Kingdom of Whirl. They have delightful adventures in the Kingdom of Whirl with light, sound, colour and whimsical substances because everything there is alive. Follow along as they discover a whole new realm, exploring new places and meeting new people from the comfort of their everyday life.

This delightful rhyming picture book series is great for preschool children and as an early reader. This adventure series blends science fiction, fantasy, imagination and rhyme for a winning combination to delight the read aloud crowd.

TRIA VIA Journal 1: Light Sliding Through Space 

Published and available at most online retailers worldwide

TRiA VIA Journal 2: Gardens Galore

Published and available at most online retailers worldwide

TRIA VIA Journal 3: Dragons at the Gates

Published and available at most online retailers worldwide

TRIA VIA Journal 4: We Met Ourselves Again

Published and available at most online retailers worldwide

TRIA VIA Journal 5: Crown Cities on Air

In Production

TRIA VIA Journal 6: Thinking Out Loud

Being Illustrated

TRIA VIA Journal 7: Scrolling For Scrolls

Being Illustrated

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Tour of an Amazon MOD (POD) Facility - how books are made when you click purchase!

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Amazon Books Make on Demand Virtual Tour

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