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At heart we are an intellectual property innovation company, we are in the business of ideas.  Our business model seeks to empower individuals and businesses to produce what they are determined to produce. 


Although seeds never look like what they produce, they carry the entire blueprint within them.  The acorn doesn’t look like an oak tree, yet it creates one from intrinsic code.  We evaluate the code contained within ‘idea seeds’ to enable them full opportunity and schematics for growth to maturity.  Whether that is new product development, product or process redesign or innovation, we can evaluate the viability of the idea.


We accomplish this by maintaining a contract-based pool of resources to draw from in order to ideate, research and develop intellectual property and creative endeavors.   This includes open-source ideation yet credits co-creation contractually, whether by sale, license or royalty.


If you have or need innovative ideas and you would like help, we would love to talk to you.

Wall of ideas


We maintain relationships with many entrepreneurs as a pool of contract resources

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I founded SHARE Resources Inc. as an avenue to serve creative entrepreneurs through.  If you have business, product or service ideas, skills, written works, art, music, or inventions, my purpose is to help people walk in their purpose with a plan.

Creative Work


Social Media Management and Ad Managers

Social planners who stay on top of trends, with an eye for design, post planning, scheduling, and overall branding make an impact to any business or brand.  Specialized ad management on social platforms and google ads.

Icon Poster


Design of all kinds

Design services from multiple design disciplines to meet the differing design needs of a business are essential. Product packaging, branding and logos, book covers, industrial design, sound, video, websites, apps, artists and more.

At Work


We know a guy... or two

Whether it is app development, games, smart technology or creating NFTs, we connect with many talented contractors.


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